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Hello everyone!
I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by the Preppy Personals site. Today is a milestone in Preppy’s history and I will always remember it as the day the Preppy website was born. Up until now, Preppy has relied on all of the loyal preppy followers on Facebook and by good, old word of mouth. A preppy shout out to all of you! Now, with this website, Preppy is even more accessible to those that have fabulously preppy taste in stationery, invitations, nursery art and more. And even more exciting is that shopping has become easier because I can now take orders online. Take a spin around the site and let me know what you think.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe how far Preppy has come. Over 10 years ago I started this business by creating personalized stationery complete with a hand-tied bow atop each note card! While they were perfectly preppy, they required a lot of labor (special thanks to Mom and Dad for tying thousands of bows) and during the holidays I needed an assembly line of people to help.

While I simplified my offerings over time, it was really the birth of my daughter in 2010 that inspired me to broaden Preppy’s horizons. I’ve always loved children — a newborn is the most special gift one can receive. And what better way to honor the birth of a child than with an “On the day you were born” print!  As a previous nanny, elementary school teacher and prior elementary school administrator my passion for kids, teaching and learning has always been at the forefront. The next big preppy idea came when my husband and I welcomed our daughter in July of 2010.  After being married for 3 years with our preppy little pup, we were ecstatic to welcome an adorable little girl to our lives.

Gabriella is our greatest joy!  Her playmates and my closest friend’s children have been the inspiration behind all preppy work. The first prints were named and designed after Gabriella’s playmates. Many of my friends and I had babies within 3 months of one another and the rest is history.

I could never be where I am today without the help of my supportive and loving husband, loyal & fabulous friends and above and beyond phenomenal family.  I can’t thank these people enough for their belief in me and preppy and for encouraging me to take this next preppy adventure in business and life!

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